What Do You Need?

Therapy Sessions

$160.00/ hour

A typical session, lasts for approximately 55 minutes.

Psychological Assessment


Psychological assessments are conducted with children, adolescents and adults to investigate for a number of difficulties, such as ADHD, learning difficulties, cognitive disabilities, mental health concerns, Autism, and behavioral concerns for example. Depending on the referral question, a variety of assessment tools will be used to help in answering the question posed. Each particular referral question, determines how much time is spent in the process of assessment. The process includes direct interviews and assessment of the target individual, possible behavior and/or personality measures, a review of the assessment tools used and the writing of an assessment report that takes at-least an equal amount of time to complete once all data has been reviewed.

The cost of the assessment also includes the cost of the materials that are used by the psychologist. This cost is not billed to the client but absorbed by the practice.

Letters/ Forms

$80.00 / 1/2 hour

Letter requests for existing clients will be billed for the time it takes to complete each letter and or form.



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